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    Little Flower School Hosts Inspiring Legal Awareness Campaign

    Little Flower School in Pandhurna, Madhya Pradesh, took a significant step towards fostering legal awareness and empowering its students through an impactful campaign on December 4, 2022.

    On December 4, 2022, Little Flower School launched a dynamic legal awareness campaign to educate and enlighten its students about their legal rights and responsibilities. The campaign aimed to equip young minds with essential legal knowledge, empowering them to become informed and responsible citizens.

    By promoting legal literacy, we are nurturing a generation of mindful individuals who understand the significance of justice and equality.

    Sr Mercy, Director

    Interactive Workshops: Navigating the Legal Landscape

    The campaign featured interactive workshops led by legal experts and educators. These workshops provided students with insights into various aspects of the legal system, from basic concepts to practical applications. Through engaging discussions, students were encouraged to think critically and analytically about legal matters.

    Little Flower School’s legal awareness campaign held on December 4, 2022, marked a significant milestone in the journey towards creating a more informed and just society. The campaign’s impact echoed beyond the event, leaving a lasting impression on the students and their community.

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