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    Children Learning Together

    With a nurturing and inclusive environment, we celebrate each child’s uniqueness. Our passionate educators foster curiosity and critical thinking through a stimulating curriculum. Safety is paramount, and we encourage active parent involvement. Join us in cultivating a love for knowledge, as we watch these little blossoms grow into confident, brilliant individuals

    Cutting-Edge Science Laboratories

    Experience hands-on learning in our physics, biology, and chemistry labs. Conduct experiments guided by experienced teachers, fostering inquiry and critical thinking.

    Our classrooms inspire interactive learning, equipped with modern aids for collaborative discussions and group projects, enhancing teamwork skills.

    Dynamic Learning Spaces: Where Innovation Takes Root

    Classrooms designed for collaboration feature modern amenities, creating engaging environments for discussions, group projects, and dynamic learning. Ergonomic seating and advanced technology facilitate interactive and collaborative learning experiences.

    hese spaces are designed to encourage discussions, group projects, and dynamic interactions.

    Extracurricular Facilities: Nurturing Hidden Talents

    From our sports field to art studios and music rooms, our campus supports extracurricular pursuits. Students can explore sports, arts, and cultural activities, fostering well-rounded development and the pursuit of passions beyond academics.

    Nurturing Mentorship: Teachers Who Inspire

    Our dedicated teachers create a nurturing environment where each student’s potential is recognized and cultivated. Personalized guidance and mentorship empower students to excel academically and personally, fostering a supportive and encouraging educational journey.

    School Research at a Glance


    • 40 faculty members
    • 20 staff members

    The Research Enterprise

    • 5,300 externally sponsored projects
    • $1.33 billion total budget
    • About 2,000 postdoctoral scholars
    • 18 independent labs, centers and institutes


    • 9.3 million physical volumes
    • 4 million e-books and audiovisual materials
    • 300,000 rare or special books and 59 million pages of unpublished materials

    School Innovation

    • In 2014–15, Stanford received more than $95 million from 695 licensed technologies.
    • Breakthrough inventions licensed by Stanford span medicine, engineering and the sciences.
    • School entrepreneurs have created an estimated 39,900 companies and 5.4 million jobs since the 1930s.